Introductory and Master Classes in Byzantine Icons

The word ‘icon’ means in the Greek language, simply ‘image’, and the characteristic of an image is that it is the expression of an essence. The holy images that graced our churches in the past and still adorn the churches of the east wish to express, or reveal the divine essence of God…Come learn more about the meaning of icons while engaging in the prayerful act of creating your own. The method of transmitting this ancient tradition blends theological discourse and practical information, while the step by step approach allows even the student unfamiliar with the painting brush to delight in the luminous result: a completed icon painted in the Byzantine egg tempera and 24k gold leaf on wooden board technique.

Students will create a Byzantine style icon using ancient techniques and natural materials rich with symbolic meaning: wood boards prepared with gesso made from chalk and glue, finely ground clay, 24k gold leaf, and ground mineral pigments in an emulsion made from egg yolk. The underlying theology of the icon is equally emphasized, as each technical step has a corresponding symbolic meaning.

It takes approximately 40 hours to complete an icon, so attendance to all scheduled dates is highly desirable.  Please look at the calendar for upcoming workshop dates and locations.